Impression of Biodanza Tribal
Gathering Winterswijk,

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Minotaur Project

It is really difficult for me to find the words that do justice for the depth of healing and soul retrieval that i not only experienced for myself but also had the honour to witness in my fellow companions. The level of truth, courage and presence that each person brought allowed for the huge transformation of fears, wounds and our future as we move forward to live it with passion and bravery. It was such a heart opening, humbling journey to deeper love. The space and safety that you created Antoinette was as always perfection. My message to anyone thinking of attending this in the future - please do, you will move and be moved in to unconditional love.

What inspired me most about the Minotaur Project was the depth of presence and love that Antoinette brought to every single person's process. She also has a level of embodiment and sensuality that is rare, providing both a fabulous role model and enabling that to automatically awaken more in myself. I felt that my own individual process was spot on - gently leading me to where I need to go next.' You are welcome to use my full name wherever you like - I don't need you to speciifically ask permission. I think your work is really inspiring!
Sapphira de la Terre


Biodanza Summer Festivals Glastonbury, UK and Winterswijk, Holland

Thank you Antoinette. What a beautiful weekend. Such a rich sharing of people, hearts, dancing, sunshine, retreat, nature, stories and pampering. Unforgettable.

Big hug and thank you for what you gave me. You inspire me a lot in daring to go into pleasure!!!! You really do. You make ‘pleasure’ feel so secure and safe to go in and that ‘s exactly what I need...

I have no words to describe how well I feel after being at the Biodanza Camp in Winterswijk. I feel I have a deep connection with that place and I don't know what it is. If it's because of the place or because of the people or maybe both. What is important for me is the effect it makes on me! Yes, the weather was bad but it didnt stop us -me and my children- from having a fantastic time and from submerging deeply into the Biodanza and the benefits it offers, specially when done in such organic, holistic and safe environment. Thank you Antoinette! because you create and you make sure that the atmosphere stays safe!

Thank you very very much for these lovely days. I feel inspired and revitalised. 

Thank you Antoinette! I totally really love you, and you know what?: it's the first time I really love myself! Thank you!! It was a festival of love - and I felt so much love. I am grateful to you and everyone who was there that I could experience this amount of love. Lots of love, see you next year! 

Dear Antoinette, I do not want to elevate you towards a upper human level, but I like to thank you for what you did, showed us and for what you are. I felt really comforted by your lessons and by your personality. 

I really want to express my gratitude and love for you and what you facilitate in Winterswijk. It has been very heartwarming again, and the feeling of the tribe becomes stronger with every year. I really appreciate you underline this importance so strongly. You’re so right! I´m very happy to hear you go on with this festival. I will be there! 

I really enjoyed the beautiful viviencias, your sparkling personality, the pure nature, energy at the Zonnebloem and the beautiful people in the tribe. You made me laugh, cry, sing, smile, shake, burn, feel ecstatic, free, wondered, and happy as a child. What a freedom and connection. Thank you so much, hope to see you again.
Love Wendy  


Biodanza Holiday, Arillas, Corfu

Thank you Antoinette for a wonderful and life changing holiday. A superb time with excellent company. Simply abundant. Looking forward to the next time we meet. 
With love C x


Aphrodites Essence: Biodanza workshop for Women

I feel so much gratefulness, bliss and joy remembering our Biodanza-week and seeing the pictures of all that we have shared with each other. The connection with each one of you has really enriched my life! Much thanks to you all my dear Biodanza-sisters and may love, beauty and bliss always be on your path. 

Antoinette, you are a beautiful, passionate, talented leader of womens souls. This week has been poignant, happy, somber, joyful, funny and the conneciton to the sisterhood unforgettable. 


Biodanza Aquatica    

It was such an extraordinary event. Life changing. Please please do more of aquatica!A truly wonderful weekend!It was wonderful to partake in a workshop so delicately and sensitively handled - this takes real therapeutic expertise. 

Thank you so much for Biodanza Aquatica. 

The venue was excellent, the food amazing. Everyone was beautiful. The entire experience was profoundly beautiful. Your skill as a group leader was a joy to behold. How you managed to hold 22 of us in a pool for 2 days and crystalise it all into a single marvellous session at the end was nothing short of miraculous. I'm not sure life will ever be the same again. At one point I felt my heart open completely and connect directly to heaven. At least that's what it felt like. You do beautiful work. 
You are remarkable. John

That was remarkable thank you. …..The whole Biodanza aquatic experience was serene, the 36’C water provides a sensation of having no physical boundaries, you become completely unaware of your skin, your body feels as if merges in unity with the pool and everyone in it. The aquatica vivencia experience was completely different from normal Biodanza vivencias, it moved me at a very deep level, so deep that in writing this a week after the aquatica weekend, I still feel a very deep profound sense of peace. Long may it continue. So much
Love, Neale



14th Biodanza International
Tribal Gathering 2022

Winterswijk Netherlands

A Summer Festival Celebration

Wednesday 27 July 14:00 - Sunday 31 July  14:00



THE multiple Issues of our
Sexual Identity



Saturday 26 November 12-7pm &
Sunday 27 November 10-5pm