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What is Biodanza

"Biodanza is not a mere set of exercises to music or a conventional system of emotional expression, but rather a new vision of life, a process of human development, identity integration, inner transformation, and of developing our human potentials. Biodanza is about learning to 'dance life' and rediscover the 'pleasure of living' "

Rolando Toro AranedaBiodanza is a system of Music and Exercises scientifically studied and put together with the aim of regaining joy, vitality and the pleasure of living and of preventing physical and psychological disorder.

Biodanza invites you to participate in weekly sessions that safely and gradually convey dance-induced, intensely felt experiences. Biodanza calls these experiences "vivencias", intense perceptions of being alive in the here-and-now that promote emotional integrity and awaken the intuition of life's immediacy. The term "vivencia" refers both to the experience the sessions induce and also to the Biodanza session itself. The prefix "Bio" derives from "Bios", which means "life". Together with "danza" in the sense of an "integrated movement full of intention" it gives rise to the metaphor: "Biodanza, the dance of life". Based on anthropological studies of dance and life-celebrating rituals, Biodanza stimulates a sense of community. Through the regular participation in "vivencias", Biodanza helps you to enhance your joy of life and celebrate the sacredness of being alive, enabling a consciousness of universal solidarity. Biodanza has evolved over the last four decades under the wings of Rolando Toro Araneda in Latin America and Europe as a therapeutic, movement-based system for human integration, psychospiritual development, well-being and consciousness expansion.

Biodanza, which means Dance of Life, is a system that integrates music, movement and authentic interactions to provide experiences of intense perception of being alive in the here-and-now. These experiences are known as “vivencias”, coined from the Spanish root: vivir (to live).

Vivencias are doors to access primal emotions and help movement emerge that is the most natural expression of your true self. Vivencias follow the organic movements of life—its biological rhythms, the pulse of the heart, and the impulse to connect with others.

Biodanza is a system that follows the natural rhythms and wisdom of life. The prefix “Bio” derives from the Greek “Bios,” meaning “life.” “Danza” originally signifies “integrated movement full of intention”.

Based on anthropological studies of dance and traditional rituals of the celebration of life, Biodanza stimulates community, awakens a consciousness for universal solidarity, helps participants to recover their joy and vitality, and celebrates the sacredness of life.
Biodanza is an invitation to explore life with authentic simplicity and enhance your natural potentials to further your Emotional Health.

Biodanza originated and has evolved over the last four decades under the vision of founder Rolando Toro Araneda, who passed away in February of 2010.

The practice of Biodanza happens through two-hour weekly classes and weekend workshops. The experience is mostly non-verbal, which opens participants’ communication and connection regardless of their socio-cultural background.

What are the Five Lines of Vivencia?

During the Biodanza workshop we stimulate and re-awaken our genetic possibilities and potentials for our everyday life. Those potentials that were blocked, hindered, repressed by our cultural limitations.

“We are all buds awaiting the opportunity for growth, flowering and the ultimate sharing of our fruits (projects)”

VITALITY - To feel our energy, our impulse to face the world

SEXUALITY - To develop our senses and feel the pleasure of being alive

CREATIVITY - It is the element of renovation that we must apply in our life, to put creativity in every day of our lives

AFFECTIVITY - To feel love, tenderness, respect in giving and receiving love among Human Beings

TRANSCENDENCE - To go beyond our own ego to reach higher levels of integration within Humanity, Nature and Universe

‘In a world like ours of genocide and hunger, torture and treason, in a world of endless abandonment, how can we start dancing? It seems a contradiction. However, our proposal is not only to dance, but also to activate, through specific dances, affective and communication potentials connecting us with ourselves, our fellow human being and nature.

How could we change the world, without changing ourselves?’ Rolando Toro Araneda



14th Biodanza International
Tribal Gathering 2022

Winterswijk Netherlands

A Summer Festival Celebration

Wednesday 27 July 14:00 - Sunday 31 July  14:00



THE multiple Issues of our
Sexual Identity



Saturday 26 November 12-7pm &
Sunday 27 November 10-5pm